Wrecked, or gripped, is a term referred to vehicles that can no longer take part of a race because their engine has been destroyed. In most games, you can damage an opponent's engine by ramming into the target's front bumper, but sometimes you can wreck a competitor by hitting them on another spot. This all depends on the damage engine of the respective game.

In both Destruction Derby 2 and Destruction Derby Arenas, gripping is referred to as killing. In Destruction Derby Raw, the points name earned for gripping is called Flatliner.

Be careful though, wrecked opponents can still prove to be an obstacle on the road. When driving at high speed with a damaged engine, pay attention to them - it would be bonkers to crash into one of them!

The list below has a description of how wrecked cars are represented in each game:

  • In Destruction Derby, black smoke comes out of the bonnet.
  • In Destruction Derby 2, black smoke usually comes out of the engine when a car is destroyed. However, when both front spots of a vehicle are demolished, the engine is set ablaze. The flames eventually go out after a while and smoke comes back.
  • In Destruction Derby 64, cars explode, become black shells, and lose its textures.
  • In Destruction Derby Raw, small flames are spout from the engine.
  • In Destruction Derby Arenas, just like in DD64, cars explode and become black shells. The game also introduced the possibility to instantly kill an opponent by smashing their chassis.

There are other ways to wreck opponents, but that depends on the chosen game mode. For instance, in Pass Da Bomb mode, you attempt to wreck an opponent by passing them a dynamite stick.

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