V8 or Bust is a competitor in Destruction Derby Raw. Its race number is #09.

V8 or Bust is a good driver who usually does well in races. Their cars of choice are the Razorback, the upgraded Cheetah, and very unoften the Raven too. Its cars have either red paint or purple paint.


  • Its name is probably a reference to a V8 engine.
  • During an in-game demo for the first time (after the 'PRESS START' screen is idle for 30 seconds) that takes place in Dragonfly, the CPU player and 'camera' is always V8 or Bust in a purple Razorback. The human player 1 is also present in the track in a Supernova with the first (dull grey/green) colour choice, but stands stationary in its starting (20th) position. The second (and only other) in-game demo follows The Beast in a red Cheetah.
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