The first major change has been a redesign and a new logo (which I created from the font in Raw) which looks much more cleaner and stand-out than before. The main page has also had changes for the first time since 2015, including more matured text, removal of the Community Portal talk page (which was never used anyway), addition of the new Guidelines page, and a much-improved About DD section.

I noticed perhaps this wiki had been using the wrong colour theme all this time - after all, blue really hasn't been a noticable colour in the DD games, but rather red, brown, orange. The new brownish colour has been directly taken as from the original DD game logo and will soon be rolled out to infoboxes too. New subtitle text has been added/converted on the main page and that is too red, and italic, making it look just like '95! Overall it's more eye candy compared to the blander previous look and more DD-like. Oh, and I added 'Reckon you can handle it?' there too, straight from the original DD!

I've tried to make many changes to make the wiki look better whilst keeping a classic look and colours that remain easy to the eye. I hope everyone is happy with the new look.

One other change I should mention: I am thinking of changing the race tracks names of DD Raw (the ones with a variant) to Long and Short, rather than using numbers. The current format uses too much repetition, and as seen on this File:RawbetaS4$.jpg early preview of the game, tracks were indeed differed as Long and Short.

Hereafter I will work on fixing articles (including soundtrack names), categories, updating certain images (speaking of quality), and referencing.

Update: As of the 1st of September, the reconstruction is pretty much finished. The whole wiki looks better, navigates better, and the content is now much improved along with now good PNG quality images throughout. I hope everyone enjoys the new wiki!

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