Ultimate Destruction
Featured in Destruction Derby 2
Type Track
Stage 7
Length 4.681 miles (7.533 km)
Previous stage Liberty City

The S.C.A. Ultimate Destruction Speedway, shortened to as Ultimate Destruction, is a track in Destruction Derby 2. It is unlocked by reaching Division 1 in Championship and is thus the final track that appears.

Ultimate Destruction is set in a canyon-like area. It features elements such as a split track, narrow roads, tunnels, crossover points, and a large jump at the end; which is optional.

This is also arguably the hardest track in the game because it has no pit stop, and you have to do 5 laps in what is the longest track in a game, with a length of 4.681 miles (7.533 km).


  • Ultimate Destruction is set in Talladega, Alabama, USA. Despite this, it is not based on the Talladega Superspeedway in any way.
  • It is possible to get stuck in the narrow roads if you collide with another car. In that case you have to wait for another car to come crashing at you to make you turn in the right direction again.
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