The Specialist is the name of a non-existent CPU competitor that is mentioned in the manual of Destruction Derby. He/she is mentioned in the description for Stock Car Racing, where it says that there are no points awarded to smashing others, but "Of course, those other drivers like the Bouncer, the Optician and the Specialist may have something to say about that."

It is quite possible that the name was mistakenly written, but because it doesn't bear strong similarities to any of the real competitors, it is also quite possible that it was the old name for one of them and the change wasn't updated in the manual.


  • Interestingly the sentence denotes The Bouncer and The Optician (along with The Specialist) as 'strong' drivers, despite the fact they are both below average. In the Destruction Derby 2 manual, this exact same sentence appears in Stock Car but this time more accurately mentions The Skum, The Master and The Undertaker, all of whom are highly skilled.
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