The Beast
Official DD2 art
Featured in Destruction Derby
Destruction Derby 2
Destruction Derby Raw
Number #66 (DD, DD2)
#07 (DDR)
Age 34
Length 5' 8" (1.73 m) (DD2)
Nationality Italian
Gender Female

The Beast is a competitor in Destruction Derby, Destruction Derby 2 and Destruction Derby Raw.

Destruction DerbyEdit


The Beast's picture

She drives a black car with a red stripe, number #66. She has brown shoulder-length hair and has slight wrinkles. Winning points from her car makes her say something among the lines of "Beginner's luck, man!".


Destruction Derby 2Edit


Her car hasn't changed between the games, but The Beast herself has. She is very obese and has more chubby cheeks. She is seen eating a burger in her cartoon picture. Her hair is shorter. She also looks younger than in the first game.

She is mostly skilled in racing modes and a little weak in Destruction Derby events.

Destruction Derby RawEdit

The Beast's DD Raw cars

She also appeared in Destruction Derby Raw, and this time drives car number #07. Her vehicles of choice are the Cheetah and the Raven. Her cars have a dark-blue or dark-red paintjob. The Beast also competes in Assault events.


  • Out of all of the opponents in the first two games, she is the only one to appear a third time; in this case, Raw.
  • In fact, she is the only opponent in the entire series to appear in three games (technically making her the most recurring contestant in the series!)
  • Along her name, her race number in DD and DD2 is likely a reference to the Number of the beast.
  • Her 07 car number in DD Raw was used by Trashman in previous games.
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