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TNT is a player-only pick-up in Destruction Derby Arenas. Shaped like a blue TNT box, they launch various scenes in the race track when picked up. It also awards the player 5000 points when collected. TNT only appears in race events.

Effects per track[]


  • If picked from the starting position, a plane rocket will launch to the sky.
  • If picked from the runway, the next time you go there, a Jumbo Jet will land there, risking you and your competitors to hit it with the tyres. If a tyre is hit, it will detach off the car and make plane parts explode.
  • If picked from the runway, before the 180 turn, a rocket will launch to the sky (the rockets which go to the space).
  • If picked in the 180 turn, the field to the left will make a massive explosion.


  • If picked up from the second hill, a structure resembling the Chinatown Gate will collapse.


  • If picked up after the shifting ramps, large pipes straight ahead will explode.


  • If picked up after the first ramp, the main casino building will fall.
  • If picked up near the divided road, a walkway bridge will be destroyed.


  • If picked up before the large jump from the carrier, a cruise ship will smash into the road, creating a hazard for drivers.

South Central[]

  • If picked up on the first turn, a subway overpass gets annihilated.
  • If picked up after the turn next to the gas station, another subway overpass gets demolished.

Under Construction[]

  • If picked up on the second jump, a building collapses in the distance.
  • If picked up after the jumps, a massive explosion destroys a couple toll booths. 
  • If picked up via epic bridge jump, a skyscraper collapses in the distance.

Chinatown Take II[]

  • If picked up before the final U-turn, a walkway overhead crumples.


  • If picked up after the barrel role ramps, a massive support structure collapses.
  • If picked up on the railroad, metal supports holding screens fall.

Casino 2: Double or Quits[]

  • If picked up shortly after the first ramp, a giant clown head explodes.


  • This is the only track that does not feature any TNT power-ups.

South Central 2: Road Rage[]

  • If picked up near the second U-turn, a massive explosion is caused, destroying multiple buildings.

The Dam[]

  • If picked up just above the first dam pipeline, it causes parts of the dam to crumple apart.
  • If picked up after exiting the building, a hydro generator combusts.
  • If picked up before the split paths, another hydro generator combusts.