Disambig icon For the online mode in DDA, see Speedway (mode).
Featured in Destruction Derby
Type Track
Stage 1
Next stage Crossover

Speedway is the first race track in Destruction Derby.

In Race Practice and Divisions 1, 2 and 5 (Championship), you race on an oval track with two left turns for 12 laps (reversed in Divisions 1 and 2). In Divisions 3 and 4 though the player races on a track beginning with a 90-degree left turn, followed later by a left-right-left kink that comes onto the home straight (this is reversed in Division 3).

The race takes place during the day in all Divisions except 4, where it takes place at dusk.


  • There are promotional billboards for 3D Lemmings, and the fictional 'Truffton Motorcycles' and 'Will's Violins'.
  • There is an electronic display on the track that shows the player's live camera view. In the Sega Saturn version it only displays a static 'SEGA' logo. In the MS-DOS PC version, the screen is completely absent.
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