The garage

Smash 4 $, or 'Smash for Cash', is a game mode in Destruction Derby Raw. It serves as one of the career modes in the game along with Wreckin' Racing.

The objective in Smash 4 $ is to collect money by winning races, and then use that prize money to upgrade better, faster cars in order to win more advanced tracks. The races take place in all the 25 race tracks in the game. However there is no such thing as a season or division like there was in Destruction Derby and Destruction Derby 2.

Once a new career begins, you need to equip your garage with a car. During the championship, more cars can be added to your garage with the prospect of upgrading each car differently, i.e. creating a strong and fast car. To begin with, you will have $1500 and you can only afford to buy a Colorado, Ricochet, Raw Van (bonus car), Cheetah, Bullhead (bonus car) and Raven - the bonus cars need to be unlocked through Wreckin' Racing. Once your financial standing improves, you can start buying more souped-up motors or upgrade the attributes of the current one.

You can select a car from the garage that is more suitable for the next race. The value of a car will be directly proportional to the car's performance and every car that can be bought will have different performance but similar price. To join a race, you'll need to select a car that meets the minimum requirement of having all damage repaired.

The harder the race, the higher the prize money, so your objective is to keep moving up to tougher races. If you do not finish the race, then you'll not be awarded any points. It is game over if all your cars are destroyed and you cannot afford to repair one or buy a new one.


  • There is a glitch in Smash 4 $. If your amount of credits exceeds $65000, it will loop back to $0. To workaround this, if you have over $60000, buy multiple cars, repair a vehicle that has previously raced and upgrade all your cars in order to clear out some money.
  • You can't write a personal name in Smash 4 $ - you're always called 'Player 1'.
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