Featured in Destruction Derby Raw
Type Track
Stage 25
Previous stage Cyclone
Next stage None

Slammer is a track in Destruction Derby Raw, the 25th and last in order.

It is probably the hardest track in the game as it consists of an oval with no barrier to delimit the two halves of the race; opponents will often drive in the wrong way and smash you head-on, causing tons of damage.

This track contains perhaps the most destruction. As a result, most of the competitors get burned down by the end, so you should be careful here. Usually less than four cars would survive at the end of a race in Slammer.

In Wreckin' Racing, you must get 2600 points to complete it. It's the final challenge, and if you manage to get enough points and stay alive, you win the championship! After winning Slammer, the Grizzler bonus car is unlocked and ready for purchase in Smash 4 $.


Slammer in Assault, with the barrier

Slammer is also one of the tracks in Assault mode. In this case, a variant of Slammer is used that has a barrier in the middle of the track, keeping the Humvees from driving around in the wrong direction.

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