Skyscraper is a game mode in Destruction Derby Raw. It is basically a derby event taking place on a towering skyscraper. As well as picking up points in the usual way, the player can also shunt opponents off the roof (which is equivalent to gripping, thus earning the 'Flatliner' 300 points).

Interestingly in Skyscraper mode, all the opponents target the player him/herself, much like Armageddon. However it is not as difficult particularly because the skyscrapers are much larger than the derby bowls.

The three highrises used for Skyscraper are: High Pressure, Down & Out and Vertigo.


  • Speedfreak literally always gets the highest amount of points in a Skyscraper game. You can try a little experiment that proves this is automatically done: on the Vertigo highrise (where you start right next to Speedfreak), reverse to the edge immediately when the battle begins and make Speedfreak fall with you. You would obviously finish with 0 points but Speedfreak would still have over 5000, despite only playing a few seconds.
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