The Rookie is a vehicle in Destruction Derby and Destruction Derby 2. Out of the three cars in each game (the others being Amateur and Pro), the Rookie is the easiest to handle, but it suffers from low speed and power.

Destruction DerbyEdit

Rookie with Psygnosis wordmark
Rookie with Alien wordmark

In the first DD game, player 1's Rookie has a Psygnosis livery, and player 2's has Alien. In DD2, the Rookie is coloured white with a red stripe.

Destruction Derby 2Edit


Statistics in DD2


Rookie in DD2


Scrp 0709 04 z historic stock car racing series 1992 winston cup car

Alan Kulwicki Ford Thunderbird Nascar car #7, 1992 Winston Cup

The Rookie looks like a Chevrolet Lumina or Chevrolet Beretta in DD, while in DD2 it resembles a 1995 Ford Thunderbird Nascar. In DD2 it is almost identical to the Thunderbird Nascar driven by 1992 Winston Cup winner Alan Kulwicki (RIP).

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