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Official DD2 art
Featured in Destruction Derby 2
Number #99
Age 24
Length 5' 7" (1.68 m)
Nationality British
Gender Male

Rivit is a competitor in Destruction Derby 2.

Destruction Derby 2[]

Rivit is one of the four new opponents introduced in DD2. His car has a lavender paintjob and a purple stripe. His car number is #99, which was used by The Doctor in Destruction Derby.

Rivit has a purple mohawk and a purple jacket. He looks very much like a 1990s raver.

He is strong in Wrecking Racing and Destruction Derby, but pretty poor in Stock Car.



  • In-game, his name is Rivit, but the instruction manual actually calls him "Rivet".
  • If you drive very close to his car, you can notice that some small texture glitches can appear on one of his sides. You will most easily notice it in a derby event.