Official DD2 art
Featured in Destruction Derby
Destruction Derby 2
Number #40
Age 28
Length 5' 10" (1.78 m)
Nationality Swedish
Gender Male

Psycho is a competitor in Destruction Derby and Destruction Derby 2.

He is known to be an extremely polyvalent racer who is tough to beat in all modes.

Destruction DerbyEdit


Psycho's picture

He drives the car #40 which is black with a dark purple stripe.

Psycho is very experienced: unlike drivers such as Suicide Squad or Undertaker, there is no event where he is weak, making him a problem for beginners.

He has shoulder-length blonde hair and big, blue eyes.


Destruction Derby 2Edit


He drives the same car and is still a threatening opponent in every game mode. He will flip your car upon its roof when he has the chance, and if you are stuck in a car pile-up, he won't be afraid to slam you at full speed, so be careful. Wrecking him in Destruction Derby straight away may be a good solution, since he has a very aggressive driving style - made even worse considering the average AI in the game is already aggressive enough!

He has short blonde hair, and a creepy smile on his art picture.

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