A Rookie at the pit stop in Pine Hills Raceway.

The pit stop, or pit lane, is a place to get the player's car repaired in Destruction Derby 2, the only game where it appeared in.

There is a 5 seconds time limit to repair the car once you enter the pit stop - otherwise, you'll be automatically be exited from the pit. To repair a part of your car, highlight it by moving the camera with the D-pad, and mash the X button. Press the Circle button if you want to exit the pit lane prematurely.

The pit stop can be useful in a Wrecking Racing race when the player's car is almost wrecked, allowing it to be fixed so that the player can more comfortably score points. It may also be useful in Stock Car, depending on the car's health situation and the risks of it becoming wrecked and overtaken by opponents.


  • If you lost a wheel during the race, do not expect it to come back if you go to a pit stop; you can only repair the body of your vehicle.
  • The pit stop is not featured in Caprio County Raceway, Liberty City and Ultimate Destruction. The derby bowls, obviously, also do not have them.
  • Pit Stops can only be used once in Wrecking Racing but has a Unlimited use in Stock Car
  • A similar element called Health appeared in Destruction Derby Arenas.
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