The bomb timer indicator

Pass Da Bomb is a game mode in Destruction Derby Raw. Played in a derby bowl, bombs will be dealt out at random, with variable fuse lengths and explosive strength. A new bomb is introduced to the fray as long there are more free cars than bombs. The strongest device has 5 sticks of dynamite and the longest fuse, and can destroy a vehicle pretty much straight off. If you get a given bomb, a dynamite icon and countdown timer will appear above your vehicle and must get rid of the bomb before it blows up.

The player can choose beforehand either one, two or three bombs to be had at once in the game. The number of opponents also differs: 7, 11 and 15 respectively.

It is pretty much the same as the Bomb Tag mode from Destruction Derby 64. This mode also appeared in Destruction Derby Arenas. as an online-only mode under the name Pass The Bomb.

Tips and tricksEdit

To make matters more tense, points are awarded for actually holding on to a bomb. Maximise your scoring potential, it is worth a risk to go after bombs as soon as they appear. Estimate how long you have before it blows and dump it on one of your competitors.

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