New Overflow
New Overflow 2
Maps of Overflow [Long] and [Short]
Featured in Destruction Derby Raw
Type Track
Stage Long: 7
Short: 14
Previous stage Long: Axehead [Short]
Short: Up N Over [Long]
Next stage Long: Karsutra
Short: Fall Out [Long]

Overflow is a track in Destruction Derby Raw.

There are two variants of Overflow. The first in appearance is the long version, where there are 6 laps and 1200 points are needed in Wreckin' Racing. There is a choice of two roads that lead to a single large tunnel with a big jump inside of it.


The short version of Overflow requires 11 laps and 1600 points. There is quite some carnage here, so it's easy to get wrecked here. This variant lacks a jump.


  • At the beginning of the race, competitor V8 or Bust always hits the right wall and loses control, often ending up going the wrong way.
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