(both regular and upgraded versions)

Monsterwheel is a vehicle in Destruction Derby Raw. It costs $7700 ($9400 for upgraded) in Smash 4 $ and is the eighth and last bonus car in the game.

It is the strongest and most expensive vehicle in the game, but it has bad handling because of the high centre of gravity. Due to its very soft suspensions it will often flip over on its roof whenever you do a medium-to-tight turn or drive on rough terrain.



  • Strangely, the upgraded version has white wheels in menus, but black wheel in races just like the normal version.
  • The upgraded version has the same statistics as the regular one (despite still costing $1700 more), which is weird. It might be possible that it does indeed have improved attributes as expected but that the developers made a mistake in that it shows the regular version's statistics.


Monsterwheel resembles the 1990 Ford Ranger


Destruction Derby Raw - Monsterwheel gameplay

Destruction Derby Raw - Monsterwheel gameplay

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