Loops of Fury
Maps of Loops of Fury [Long] and [Short]
Featured in Destruction Derby Raw
Type Track
Stage Long: 12
Short: 21
Previous stage Long: Fall Out [Long]
Short: Stadium
Next stage Long: Jagged Edge [Long]
Short: Leap of Faith

Loops of Fury is a track in Destruction Derby Raw.

Set in a rocky sandy area. There are three routes to pick, left, middle or right. After that, there is another set of three differing routes. There are 7 laps and in Wreckin' Racing you must score 1400 points.

THe short version of Loops of Fury is among the shortest tracks in the game, with only one set of three roads, and a tarmac surface. But it's hard, because 2000 points are required and carnage levels are pretty high, so it's easy to get wrecked. 12 laps are required in this race.


  • There are billboards for the fictional 'Houghton Dynamic'
  • The American road signs names 'Birdstown', 'Jamestown' and 'Chattanooga' as places, as well as U.S. Route 13 and a fictional U.S. Route 308.
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