Liberty City
Featured in Destruction Derby 2
Type Track
Stage 6
Length 2.781 miles (4.475 km)
Previous stage Black Sail Valley
Next stage Ultimate Destruction

Liberty City is a track in Destruction Derby 2. It is unlocked by reaching Division 2 in Championship. Its slogan is The World's Premier Street Raceway.

It is set in an urban environment and is a rather a short course compared to other tracks. It's the only course in the game that takes place at night. There are 7 laps to complete.

This is by far the most destructive track of all the game. Although it is not so big, the track is directly enclosed with walls; so with the high speeds and the fact that there's no grass or sand areas between the roads to absorb velocity, the cars are violently hitting the walls and huge crashes occurs so often; and after 7 laps is so easy to end with most or even all the opponents destroyed along the track (at least in Wreckin' Racing mode).

Tips and tricksEdit

  • This track also contains a jump. Release your acceleration and go over the left side of the jump. You kinda glitch through it so you skip the jump and you are able to take the curve without taking any damage.


  • Liberty City is set in the Louisiana state of the USA, according to the manual.
  • There is a large premises called 'Liberty City Bank', a name well-known for being featured years later in the opening cutscene of Grand Theft Auto III.
  • Liberty City is also the place on the road sign during the game's intro.
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