Learner Driver
Official DD2 art
Featured in Destruction Derby
Destruction Derby 2
Number #37
Age 19
Length 6' 0" (1.83 m)
Nationality Irish
Gender Male

Learner Driver is a competitor in Destruction Derby and Destruction Derby 2 who drives car #37.

In both games he is the weakest opponent by quite a margin. This has led him to become a comedic figure over time.

Destruction DerbyEdit


Learner Driver's picture

His car is bright yellow with a white stripe, and bearing a British learner driver's 'L-plate'. He is really bad in Wreckin' Racing, always driving at low speed and never finishing races. The only thing that may annoy you is that if you are 1st and are about to be winning a race, he might just hit you and send you into the walls - a cheeky move from the developers!

At the beginning of a Championship, he surprisingly starts at Division 2. While he is indeed very slow, he is pretty efficient in making points. He's also the worst racer in Stock Car Racing, where he is as slow as a snail. However he can finish in a good position in races like in Crossover where a lot of cars get wrecked. In Destruction Derby mode he sometimes performs pretty decent.

Learner Driver has brown hair, wears a yellow suit, with "I am an idiot" written on it. His cheeky smile on his picture demonstrates that the game's designers purposefully tried to make him a lousy but amusing competitor. When scoring points out of his car he taunts "Starting fourth lap!".


Destruction Derby 2Edit


The Learner Driver is back, and he still hasn't improved his driving skills! He is the weakest competitor by far in all modes. In fact, he is worse than in the first game and this time virtually always finishes bottom or just near the bottom in races and derbies. He usually gets stuck in the ditches near the big jump in Chalk Canyon.

Learner Driver looks younger than he is in Destruction Derby, but he still wears a yellow suit. He has a paper stuck on his back with "Kick me" written on it. He has light brown hair.


Thunder Truck Rally loading

Learner Driver's car in the Monster Trucks loading screen

  • In the first DD, there is a way to let Learner Driver reach the 1st division - you just have to kill all the other competitors, then you literally 'push' Learner Driver to be first in races!
  • In DD2 in official content that don't appear in-game, a car with Learner Driver's colours with number #06 appears.
  • At age 19, he is also the youngest driver in DD2.
  • His car makes a cameo appearance in the Car Crushing mode loading screen in Monster Trucks/Thunder Truck Rally (another game from Reflections and Psygnosis) along with The Goddess and the player's Amateur in DD2.
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