Jagged Edge
Maps of Jagged Edge [Long] and [Short]
Featured in Destruction Derby Raw
Type Track
Stage Long: 13
Short: 15
Previous stage Long: Loops of Fury [Long]
Short: Up N Over [Short]
Next stage Long: Up N Over [Short]
Short: Avalanche [2]

Jagged Edge is a track in Destruction Derby Raw.

Jagged Edge is set in a rocky area. You race along a long stretch outside, and then get into an underground mining area. The short variant does not go underground at all, instead going around the mine on a sandy surface. Both are 4 laps.

In Wreckin' Racing, 1400 points and 1600 points are required for the long and short versions respectively. Completing the long Jagged Edge will unlock the second bonus vehicle: Bullhead.

Jagged Edge [Long] is one of the longest tracks in the game.

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