Fall Out
New Fall Out
New Fall Out 2
Maps of Fall Out [Short] and [Long]
Featured in Destruction Derby Raw
Type Track
Stage Short: 3
Long: 11
Previous stage Short: Oilslick
Long: Overflow [Short]
Next stage Short: Sidewinder
Long: Loops of Fury [Long]

Fall Out is a track featured in Destruction Derby Raw.

Fall Out is curvy shaped set in a rocky area with rugged terrain. Even though the short version of Fall Out is the third stage in appearance, it is somewhat difficult to get many points and/or a high finishing position. The difficult part is that it is easy to 'fall off' the main road onto the sides, where you'd also receive some damage. There are 7 laps.

The long version of Fall Out is the 11th track. It is somewhat easier though, and features a loop. There is also a high jump at the intersection of the roads formed by the loop. Its longer length means there are 4 laps instead to complete.

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