This is a list of guidelines that denote the core principles of the wiki as agreed by all the contributors. These are used to keep the wiki's content consistent and up to quality standards.

  • The Destruction Derby Wiki uses British English, so please use the correct spellings (e.g. colour) and terms (e.g. lorry). After all, the Destruction Derby series originated in the UK.
  • All the names of game titles, albums, magazines and other similar stuff should always be in italic.
  • Only link to a specific article on another page once, unless it is a very long article.
  • Use these name templates for when writing the name of a game and making it linked: {{DD1}} for the first game, {{DD2}} for the second, {{64}} for the third, {{RAW}} for the fourth, and {{DDA}} for the fifth. These are already linked and italicised, meaning no mistakes should be made when using them.
  • Abbreviations are acceptable to use because of the long names of the games. For the first game, you may use 'DD' or something among the lines of the 'first DD' or 'original DD' (don't use 'DD1'!). As for the second and third installments, use DD2 and DD64 respectively. For the fourth and fifth games, DDR / DDA, or DD Raw / DD Arenas, or just Raw / Arenas are all acceptable. Remember that full titles always have priority, so only use abbreviations to avoid continuous repetitions.
  • Here at the Destruction Derby Wiki, any kind of (relevant) detail is welcomed, no matter how insignificant it may sound. Therefore, make good use of Trivia sections, which are permitted for every article in the wiki.
  • Keep it gender neutral here. When talking about people or characters who's gender is unknown (e.g. the competitors in Destruction Derby Raw), refer to them as "they" and "their".
  • When uploading an image, it should be of good visual quality (PNG is recommended), otherwise it may not be accepted.
  • The Destruction Derby Wiki uses a somewhat classic web style with multicolours, no 'dark skin', and simple HTML tables. This has been chosen partly because of the series' popular games being from the 1990s, but also because we believe that wikis should not be overly skinned and 'modern' - a simple interface just works very well.
  • When writing about certain topics related to DD in the real-life, or when taking text from Wikipedia (under the GNU Free Documentation License), you should always credit the original author using the <ref> tag.
  • Anyone is welcome to create a blog post that is related to the Destruction Derby series or other related games from this genre.

Of course, there are global FANDOM guidelines too which also apply to this wiki. See the FANDOM Community Guidelines.

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