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Death Bowl
Featured in Destruction Derby 2
Type Bowl
Stage 4
Diameter 334.39 yd (305.77 m)
Previous stage The Pit

Death Bowl is a bowl in Destruction Derby 2. It's the last one in order and is unlocked when reaching Division 1 in the Championship.

One side of the Death Bowl has a frightening drop into a car crusher.

Tips and tricks[]

  • In Total Destruction mode, there is a strategy that allows you to shunt your opponents off the area. To do this, your best bet is Pro. When the event starts, immediately drive towards the opposite side of your starting point (while driving alongside the boundary). Watch out for The Bouncer and Rivit because there is a high risk of them pushing you in the car crusher. If done right, all the other contestants will fall into the hole. Most of the time though, one to six opponents will survive this.


  • According to the manual, Death Bowl is located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA.
  • Even though falling into the car crusher means instant death, the arrows that show your car's health on the HUD will not turn black.