Featured in Destruction Derby
Type Track
Stage 2
Previous stage Speedway
Next stage Ocean Drive

Crossover is the second track in Destruction Derby.

In Race Practice and Divisions 2 and 5 (Championship), you race on a figure-of-eight for 10 laps, creating several opportunities for gripping cars, the human player to suffer steering failure and spinning opponents through 360 degrees. There's a significant amount of wreckage because of the blind crossroads.

In Divisions 1, 3 and 4 you race on a slightly altered track that has one slightly longer loop turn and one turn cut into three 90-degree right turns (reversed in Division 1). The race takes place at dusk in Divisions 2 and 5, otherwise taking place during the day.


  • There are promotional billboards for Krazy Ivan, and the fictional 'Laboss Racing Tyres', 'Agave Bearings' and 'Bob's Pumpkins'.
  • On the menu after choosing Crossover, it shows the name 'CROSSROADS' instead. It's likely this was originally going to be the name, but it's also possible it was just a mistake.
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