City Heat
Featured in Destruction Derby
Type Track
Stage 5
Previous stage Cactus Creek
Next stage Ruined Monastery

City Heat is the fifth track in Destruction Derby.

This track in Race Practice and Divisions 5, 3 and 2 (Championship) begins with a tight right-turn and two narrow passageways followed by a tight right-turn. A long straight beckons followed by a right-turn, a straight and another right-turn over the line (reversed in Division 3).

In Divisions 4 and 1 the player races on a circuit that begins with a tight left-turn followed by a left-turn hairpin after a short straight. A right-left kink comes after, with a long straight and a tight left-turn to finish (reversed in Division 1). The race takes place at night, except in Divisions 4 where it takes place during the day.

It's the last race track in a Championship and is (in Wreckin' Racing) followed by a derby event at The Bowl.


  • There is a promotional billboard for Wipeout on the normal track (not in MS-DOS version), including a billboard for Wild Bill's Auto Sales.
  • On the variant track there's also a PlayStation billboard in the original PlayStation release. In the Sega Saturn version the billboards present Perfect Entertainment (developer which ported the game to Saturn). The billboard object is completely absent in the MS-DOS version.
  • On the bridge, "Toon Army" graffiti is written, which is the nickname of Reflections' local football club, Newcastle United. Interestingly at the time of the game's release, they were top of the English league.
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