Car upgrading is a feature in Destruction Derby Arenas allowing vehicle upgrades in the form of car performance, visuality and durability. Not to be confused with the cancelled flexible upgrading feature, see car customisation.


Winning rounds in Championship mode will unlock upgrades for the car the player chose to play the Championship with. The player's standing in each round determines the power and looks of the upgrades. Once unlocked, they are automatically fitted onto the car and cannot be removed.

Upgrade typesEdit

Winning 3rd, 2nd or 1st in each round will unlock a mediocre, good or best upgrade (of the round) respectively. Below is a list of parts available:

  • Armour: The car won't receive any damage. The protected body parts are blue in the HUD, just like Shield. Too many collisions will progressively remove the armored parts. Armor is fitted on the front, rear and both sides.
  • Nitrous Exhausts: New "exhausts" include rockets or even turbines. Each part has a unique sound, and the car drives faster when the N2O is used.
  • Turbo/Supercharger: This upgrade is purely cosmetic. Adds a supercharger on the top of the hood.
  • Wheels: This upgrade is also purely cosmetic. The player's ride gets a new set of wheels.

Note that the better the standings, the more exaggerated the looks of all upgrades.


  • AI opponents will also fit their cars with random upgrades.
  • Some of the rockets will clip through the car's spoilers, making them look odd.
  • Once you unlock a car upgrade, it's previewed in the main menu. The angles of the car are the exact same ones as in the pre-release car customisation menu.
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