Caprio County Raceway
Featured in Destruction Derby 2
Type Track
Stage 3
Length 2.354 miles (3.788 km)
Previous stage Chalk Canyon
Next stage S.C.A. Motorplex

Caprio County Raceway is a track in Destruction Derby 2.

It is a generic derby raceway; the first race course in the game without a pit lane. It has a sizeable grass verge that will slow down your car and has some tight hairpin bends. The track is shaped like a dogleg oval.

It can be a pain to survive in this track, despite it being the game's shortest track. This is because it has 8 laps to complete and no pit stop. It's notably the first track where many competitors tend to struggle and some get wrecked.

Despite the lack of pit stop, this is (alongside S.C.A. Motorplex) the only track in the game to resemble a real world race track; without crazy jumps or crossroads along the race.


Caprio County Raceway is located in Wichita, Kansas, USA, according to the manual.

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