Cactus Creek
Featured in Destruction Derby
Type Track
Stage 4
Previous stage Ocean Drive
Next stage City Heat

Cactus Creek is the fourth track in Destruction Derby.

The largest track in the game in normal Race Practice and Divisions 1 and 5 (Championship), it begins with a long straight (in most cases) followed by a left-turn. Two left-turns follow, then a long straight before a long right-turn hairpin. Another straight follows before two left-turns, another straight and a tight left-turn to finish.

There are four crossroads on the track, so steering failures and cars getting wrecked are not uncommon, as too are 360 degree spins. In Divisions 4, 3 and 2 the track is simply four left-turns linked with long straights (reversed in Divisions 2 and 3). The race takes place at dusk in Divisions 5 and 2, otherwise taking place during the day.


  • There are promotional billboards for Assault Rigs and 3D Lemmings, and the fictional 'ITO Spark Plugs' and 'Fullpar'. The variant track also has a billboard for 'Envirocom'.
  • There's a large billboard that bears the name 'Reflections Motor Speedway'.
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