New Axehead
New Axehead 2
Maps of Axehead [Short] and [Long]
Featured in Destruction Derby Raw
Type Track
Stage Short: 6
Long: 19
Previous stage Short: Avalanche [1]
Long: Dragonfly [Long]
Next stage Short: Overflow [Long]
Long: Stadium

Axehead is a track in Destruction Derby Raw.

It's set in a forest-y location and features a big jump where you can easily perform a 'Gut Wrencher', which is worth 200 points. The long version of Axehead has a loop, and is set during the autumn season with many leaves on the ground. 7 and 5 laps are required respectively. Completing the long version of Axehead wins you the third trophy and unlocks the Rockstar vehicle.


Axehead art in the demo of DD Raw

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