New Avalanche
New Avalanche 2
Maps of Avalanche (Winter) and (Spring)
Featured in Destruction Derby Raw
Type Track
Stage Avalanche (Winter): 5
Avalanche (Spring): 16
Previous stage Avalanche (Winter): Sidewinder
Avalanche (Spring): Jagged Edge 2
Next stage Avalanche (Winter): Axehead [Short]
Avalanche (Spring): Carpark

Avalanche is a track in Destruction Derby Raw.

Avalanche has two variants, and is notably the only track where the variants are not distinguished by length. Thus for the sake of correctness, they are referred here as Avalanche (Winter) and Avalanche (Spring).

The first Avalanche features snowy conditions and in a place with many pine trees. It starts out in a railway tunnel before going on a long slope and onto other roads, including two crossovers. Completing this course makes you win the first Wreckin' Racing trophy and gives you the right to buy the first bonus vehicle, Raw Van, in Smash 4 $. It's a pretty difficult track to get many points on.

In the second Avalanche, the snow has melted. The railway tunnel is now closed and instead racers are directed onto a different road to its right, adding a third crossover to the course. Both Avalanches are among the longest tracks in the game, up there with Jagged Edge and Up 'n Over, and need 4 laps to complete.


  • At the beginning of a race in Avalanche (Winter), competitor Wet 'n Wild always steers left, hitting the wall, and steering further to go the wrong way.
  • There are fictional billboards for 'DCM' and 'SAL.ware'
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