Destruction Derby Wiki

Assault is a game mode in Destruction Derby Raw. Assault is very much a team race, with the emphasis on protecting your team-mate. There are two vehicles per team: a regular car and a Humvee, an armour-plated truck that is very strong, but very cumbersome too.

The aim is to prevent the other CPU cars from attacking your Humvee team mate, while simultaneously trying to slow down your opponents' Humvees. Points are given as follows: 40 points per spending 5 seconds in first place; 30 points for second place; 20 points for third place, and 10 points on fourth place.

It's all against all with three other teams: EatMyDust, U Suck and The Beast - that is, unless the game is being played multiplayer. Assault events take place in three 'circle' tracks: Oilslick, Stadium and Slammer. The number of laps can be chosen, either 5, 10 or 15 laps.

The player can also choose the level of 'destruction' by changing the Carnage gauge before starting an Assault match - the only mode in the game that allows such a variable.

Tips and tricks[]

The Humvees are indestructible, so think carefully about how to slow them down. Head-on collisions may be the answer, but will cause a lot of damage to your car, and beware; if your car is destroyed, you will not be able to help your team-mate anymore. Usually, the best technique is to slam in their rear wheels and make them spin.

For this mode, you need a strong car like Scorpion. If you have a really strong vehicle like Monsterwheel, you can have fun bashing the normal vehicles, but don't forget the Monsterwheel's weird handling may cause problems for yourself.