Armageddon is a game mode in Destruction Derby Raw. One of the Battle derby modes, in Armageddon the player has to stay alive as long as possible as 15 opponents are directly targeting the player. It is pretty much the same as Total Destruction from the first two DD games, although probably easier due to four less opponents.

The amount of seconds before the player's car gets wrecked will be converted into points.

Tips and tricksEdit

To beat the automatic record on Armageddon mode, which is set at 1,500 points, you will have to survive 16 minutes and 40 seconds. The Monsterwheel is probably the best vehicle for this mode, as it is the most resistant vehicle in the game. But if you drive cyclocross and random through the bowl, your car will be wrecked after maximum 150 seconds, which are only two an a half minutes or 10% of the time you have to survive.

The ideal bowl to choose before the event is The Wreckoning, because this bowl is a one and only steep curve which is ideal for the Monsterwheel. Now you have to drive over a quarter of an hour in a circle and don't worry if a car hits yours: drive stubborn your route!

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