Amateur is a vehicle in Destruction Derby and Destruction Derby 2. In both games, it is faster and more difficult to control than Rookie, but it is easier to drive than Pro.

Destruction DerbyEdit

Amateur with Grim Reaper wordmark
Amateur with Blue Rinse wordmark

In the first DD, player 1's Amateur is given the Grim Reaper livery, whilst player 2's Amateur has the Blue Rinse livery. In the sequel, the Amateur is coloured white with a purple stripe.

Destruction Derby 2Edit


Amateur in Destruction Derby 2


Statistics in DD2


The Amateur looks like a Chevrolet Lumina or Chevrolet Beretta in DD, while in DD2 it resembles a 1995 Ford Thunderbird Nascar.


In Destruction Derby after choosing to play with an Amateur, it appears in the menu as 'Medium'.

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